Better Shipment Tracking with Maps, Newsfeed & Email Alerts

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You can now see shipment statuses faster.

We’re excited to announce a series of upgrades to the Explorate Platform, specifically to the dashboard and shipment tracking page which means you can track the overall shipment status, ETA, ETD and be notified of any delays for the shipment.

Map View of Shipments

Sometimes seeing is believing. That’s why we’ve launched the map view so you can watch your shipments move from origin to destination. We’ve even made sure it works great when you load the Explorate dashboard on your office TV.

Recently we’ve launched map visibility to be included on all quotes, shipments status pages and also a summary on your dashboard. For quick reference, we’ve colour-coded the routes based on the shipment being ‘on time’, ‘arrived’ or ‘delayed’.

Note: the inclusion of air freight shipments on the map view will be released in the coming days.

Newsfeed & Email Alerts

Waiting days for important updates of your shipments is no longer the status quo. With the introduction of the Newsfeed on the Dashboard, all Explorate Platform users can see important updates about their quotes and shipments. In addition, most notifications are also sent via email to users.

In the coming weeks, we are working on providing a settings page for users to selectively choose which quote/shipment events they want to be notified about.

To access these new features, simply login to your Explorate Dashboard or sign up for an account now.