Certificate of Origin

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A Certificate of Origin (CO or COO) is a declaration that details the country in which your goods are made. The document, whilst identifying goods, contains a confirmation from a government authority that the goods being shipped are manufactured in a specific country.

A Certificate of Origin applies to a single shipment. It may cover one or more goods, but must not exceed 20 items (that is, 20 unique goods) and may be valid for up to one year.

A Certificate of Australian Origin is often required:

  • To export certain goods from Australia.
  • For customs clearance at the port of delivery.
  • Occasionally by the overseas buyer or the business receiving your goods.
  • As stipulated in a letter of credit. In some instances, the company receiving the goods will require a Certificate of Origin before authorising their bank to issue a letter of credit and thus payment.

When importing or exporting around the world, a Certificate of Origin can be of substantial benefit. If the country of import or export has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Australia, duty charges may be avoided.

Australia has a number of FTAs in place with countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Chile, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, Canada and ASEAN countries.

Explorate is always on hand to assist with the completion of a Certificate of Origin. If you have any questions get in touch with us today.