EOFY Preparations

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The end of the financial year is just around the corner and Explorate is here to ensure smooth sailing with your reporting.

Here’s a quick glance of how we can help you be better prepared for your EOFY, pull reports quicker and even start planning for the year ahead.

Full transparency and visibility

Freight visibility makes your supply chain stronger and more capable of mitigating disruptions. At this time of year, it also helps to prepare and organise your business for the EOFY.

The Explorate App has cutting-edge reporting capabilities that give you full freight visibility and access to key insights into your freight movements.

It also allows you to retrieve the data stored on the platform and export any relevant information, like the cargo data for all your shipments.

You are able to export valuable information to CSV and use it to generate the detailed reports you need for your EOFY. 

And, if you save a report as default or as your favourite, you’ll have direct access to it in the future – saving you loads of time.

Powerful filters

When you work with the Explorate platform, you don’t just gain access to your freight information, you can also sort  and analyse your data in a more effective way. 

To help you do this, you can customise the information by applying the filters you need the most: any date range (not just on a quarterly basis), imports vs. exports, trade lane, port pairings and shipment type, i.e. Air, LCL or FCL.

You can also selectively show PO (purchase orders) to single customers individually, as demonstrated below: 

Flexible invoicing

The end of the financial year is a busy time, but essential tasks like invoicing still need to get done. 

Invoicing in local currency, or in other specific currencies, can be a great advantage for your business. Our platform allows you to set your invoices in your preferred currency with one single click:

And see your charges and charge total in your preferred currency:

There’s more! You can also see your quote prices with or without GST:

So yes, the end of the financial year can be stressful and tedious! But it can also be a lot easier to manage if you know how to get the most from your Explorate App.

If you’re not an Explorate customer yet but are interested in seeing how we can help you this EOFY 2021-2022, get in touch to arrange a free demonstration.