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Faster Processing for Shipment Documents

1st July 2020 in General by Nick Burge

Document upload is now available for users to help increase the processing of documents. The Operations team have been using this new feature for the past few months and it has increased the speed of document retrieval by 30%. This in turn helps reduce the risk of delays and errors caused by late and incorrect documents.

Currently the feature supports the upload of file formats for PDF, Excel and Word Doc and a 10mb file size limit. All user-uploaded documents are held for verification by the Explorate Operations team – just to double check someone hasn’t given us photo of their cat instead of that Commercial Invoice we need.

Please see the below screenshot of an example of how the new document tab looks for an ocean FCL shipment.

Upcoming features relating to shipment documents include:

  • Soon you’ll be able to request document edits or updates with us.
  • View documents within the Platform, without the need of downloading them each time.
  • We are currently working through technical challenges so we can automatically ‘read’ the data on these documents to populate information in the Explorate Platform.

As always, please contact your Explorate account manager for feedback and ideas about how we can improve the Platform.

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