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Transparent Freight Forwarding

Trust is earned when actions meet words. We are 100% committed to being transparent.

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$0 Uplift – You pay, what we pay.

One of our core values and key differentiators is that we do not uplift any core logistics charges. 

What does that even mean?

Put simply, what we pay is what you pay from when we pick your goods up and deliver them to their final destination. We believe the ‘buy low, sell high’ freight forwarding business model is outdated and that shippers deserve to know exactly what they’re paying for their logistics services.

That’s why we’re pioneering to be the first fixed fee freight forwarder to make transparent logistics a reality for the shipping community. 

So how do we make money?

For each shipment we charge a simple and transparent handling fee. That is a guarantee from us to you that all freight, trucking and ancillary charges will be passed to you at cost. We’re good at our job and we believe we should be paid a transparent fee for the service we provide.

We’re a freight forwarding business powered by industry leading technology. This allows us to automate and scale basic freight operations which heavily reduces how much margin we need to make per shipment to prosper. Some may call that over sharing, we call it complete transparency.

Why is transparent freight forwarding the future for logistics?

It’s not a huge surprise to us that our customers love having a transparent supply chain. Technology driven transparency has already had a huge impact on other industries (e.g. travel) and we believe logistics is next in line to go through the same process. 

For example, thanks to Expedia, consumers of air travel know how much their plane ticket actually costs because they can get prices directly from the airlines. We believe freight forwarders today share an uncanny resemblance to travel agents of old and cannot afford to believe that their customers’ needs and demands won’t change once technology truly makes its mark on the logistics industry.

Based on our customers feedback, it’s only a matter of time before transparency in supply chain will be expected – thankfully we’re already there. 

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