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The Latest on Freight & Logistics

Certificate of Origin

10th March 2020 in Definitions & Incoterms by Dave Ferrari
Image of Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CO or COO) is a declaration that details the country in which your goods are made. The document, whilst identifying goods, contains a confirmation from a government authority that the goods being shipped are manufactured in...

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LCL vs FCL – When to Make the Switch

4th October 2019 in General by Conor Hagan
Image of LCL vs FCL – When to Make the Switch

When should I consider FCL over LCL? As an importer or exporter (shipper) of ocean freight, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the mode of ocean transport. Prior to approving a shipment a shipper must decide whether it makes...

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Shipping Industry’s Answer to Webjet

20th May 2019 in News & Media by The Explorate HQ Newsroom
Image of Shipping Industry’s Answer to Webjet

TWO Brisbane entrepreneurs are about to turn the world of logistics on its head with a freight booking platform that is the shipping industry’s answer to Webjet. Alex Ewart and Conor Hagan identified a need for faster, smarter and more...

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