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“Booking ocean freight should be (is) easy, let us show you how.”

Explorate makes booking ocean freight as easy as booking an airline ticket.

Meet Explorate

At Explorate we believe that the true power of international freight has yet to be unlocked. We are passionate about changing the worlds interaction with freight and that’s why Explorate was born.

We are a team of logisticians, that don’t only know the pinch points in our industry but have lived them. Like you, we have waited days for rates and weeks for a booking. We thought “Surely there must be a better way?”

That’s why team Explorate do things a little differently. We want your supply chain to have personality. Your personality. And we are not afraid to challenge the status quo to get you there.

We have seen the positive impact a good supply chain can have on a business. Our platform fosters the right balance between technology and people, creating a new standard for the logistics industry.

Welcome to the world of digital freight.

Welcome to Explorate.

Meet the Team

Conor Hagan

co-founder - product and new business
About Me
Supply chain executive with over 15 years experience designing, implementing and executing global logistic solutions for some incredible clients. I have forged a solid reputation for building bespoke supply chains for multinational companies and have successfully applied my expertise in various verticals from the process heavy lifescience industry to the time sensitive, big move challenges of the project cargo arena.

Alex Ewart

co-founder - product and operations
About Me
I am a self-confessed logistics geek with a passion for technology and digitalisation. In my mind, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the international logistics industry. What drives me is that I want to play a part in that process, I want to be a catalyst for the transition from the old school to the leading edge and to be a building block for the supply chain of the future.

Marcus Nilsson

engineer and front end design
About Me
I am a front end developer who left cold, small Sweden with the hopes of finding more challenging tasks outside of it's borders. Being a hybrid between a graphical designer and a programmer it is my task to combine logic with free flowing creativity to serve you with the best user experience possible while using Explorates products.

Vishanth Bala

engineer and back end development
About Me
I am a young, energetic and hardworking software engineer, graduated from Informatics Institute of Technology in the year of 2014 with a first class honours for Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Software Engineering. Programming is my passion and I am wanting to pull out a novel creation. I love taking up challenges, bringing out innovative ideas and solving critical problems, could be why I love solving Rubik’s cube and puzzle games.