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Hi! We are Explorate, an innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and enduring logistics software.

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What we do

Our team is here to make your job easier

Our industry, freight forwarding and international trade, is one of the last to be disrupted by digital innovation. Explorate is creating a simpler way to do complicated shipments by developing its own online platform. 

Built by logistics experts and powered by cutting-edge technology, we empower our shippers with instant quotes and bookings, real-time track & trace, digital dashboards and faultless workflow management.

How It Started

Logistics people who were sick of stacks of spreadsheets

The Explorate story began in a dusty freight forwarding warehouse in Brisbane during November 2012, when Conor Hagan was tasked with showing Alex Ewart, a recent graduate of international business, the world of international logistics.

It started like any other day in logistics back then, by sending a fax.

A relationship formed over a mutual interest in supply chains and technology. Four years and many faxes later, these colleagues turned into co-founders and created Explorate.


Our Mission

Playing on the old, to create the new

We are a team of logisticians, that don’t only know the pain points in our industry but have lived them. Like you, we have waited days for rates and weeks for a booking. We thought, “Surely, there must be a better way?”

Creating the next evolution of freight forwarding

We are pioneers in the world of freight forwarding. Explorate’s platform and services are leading today’s freight industry and will attract the next generation.

Transparency & reliability from shipment to collection

You should be able to know where your goods are at all times. With CargoTracker™ a built-in feature of our platform, it becomes a reality.

Relevant technology and processes

We have seen the positive impact a good supply chain can have on a business. Our platform fosters the right balance between technology and people, creating a new standard for the logistics industry.

Keeping people at the core of what we do and how we do it

An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful and enduring logistics software.

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