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A dedicated operator manages your account so they understand the nuances of your business with each shipment.

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All our teams work under one roof, ensuring quick adaptation to the changing needs of customers and the market.

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Work hand in hand with your operators within the app, giving you control over your supply chain anytime, anywhere.
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Our rapid and continual development is steered by an entirely Australian team with all teams working collaboratively under one roof, solving Australian problems first.

This proximity ensures agile responsiveness to the unique and ever-evolving demands of our customers and the local market.


Experts in supply chains and software.

Brisbane HQ, QLD
1300 313 388
Suite 1A, 50 James Street Fortitude Valley,
QLD 4006
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Sydney, NSW
1300 313 388
Suite 108, 30 Kingsway Cronulla,
NSW, 2230
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Melbourne, VIC
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384 Keilor Rd,
VIC 3042
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Adelaide, SA
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137-139 Henley Beach Road, Mile End,
SA, 5031
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Reviews that speak volumes.

From ASX brands to up-and-coming Australian businesses, giving brands
a competitive edge through their supply chain is our specialty.

“We are very happy with the direction Explorate is going around carbon tracking and carbon offset, which fits really well with the ethos of our business. They are genuinely doing it. We are happy to list Explorate as our partners to help us achieve our sustainability goals.”

Philip Hutchinson
Merchandise and Logistics Director

"Explorate has been an integral part of Merry People’s success for the past 3 years. Their tech-forward approach to freight forwarding has allowed us to seamlessly manage our shipments from quoting to receiving, giving us complete visibility at every stage of the process. Thanks to their global expertise in cross-trade shipments, Explorate has helped Merry People not just scale in Australia but expand into the US and UK."

Tim White
Head of Operations

“The actual software and the whole way the system runs, we've been craving that for years. We would ask and we just couldn't ever get straight answers. And Explorate's just completely taken that out for us. It's obviously been a game changer for me because it's just less things to worry about. It's so much easier to take data in and just visualise it straight away.”

Charlie Hender


Our team is our
best feature.

Our expert team is here to cultivate the talent in your business. Explorate makes freight easier to navigate by extending your team with the right people, partnerships and technology.

Frequently asked questions.

What is Explorate?
Explorate has built a company dedicated to solving the world's biggest supply chain challenges.

Our solution offers the perfect synergy of cutting-edge technology and human expertise, setting a new standard for the logistics industry. Developed by seasoned logistics professionals, our platform integrates freight bookings, purchase order management, real-time shipment tracking, intuitive digital dashboards, and seamless workflow management.
What types of freight do you handle?
Explorate can handle all your commercial freight forwarding needs from sea freight to air freight, to road and rail. Our logistics experts also provide solutions for custom or non-standard shipments such as break bulk, open top and flat racks.
How do you know your tracking is accurate?
Explorate's smart freight tracking feature utilises multiple global data sources to ensure accuracy and coverage from origin to last mile delivery.

Our in-app cargo tracker utilises data from our global partners, OneStop, SeaRoutes, Marine Traffic and Vizion to provide up to the minute updates.
What kind of freight analytics do you provide?
Our order management system provides comprehensive freight analytics, including data on carrier performance, shipment delays, emissions, and TEU metrics.

Our analytics are constantly updated by our purchase order software and online order management system so you can make data-driven decisions, streamline processes, improve inventory management, and enhance overall fulfillment management.
Does Explorate manage Customs Clearance?
Explorate provides licensed customs broker and freight forwarding services. We deal directly with Government, port and airport authorities to interpret the latest legislation. We also liaise directly with your suppliers, agents and internal team to collate, analyse and verify your documentation to ensure that your shipment and documentation complies with legislation.
How do you measure carbon emissions?
For our approach to sustainable shipping, we leverage global partnerships and our market-leading cargo tracker. By measuring carbon emissions using multiple factors, such as vessel type, engine specifications, and distance traveled, we ensure your carbon reporting is accurate and robust.
Can I track shipments from other forwarders?
Yes, you can track your sea shipments from other forwarders using the Explorate platform. For one-stop tracking convenience, all you need to provide is the container number associated with your shipment and your shipment will be visible alongside any freight moved by our in house operations team.
Can I request my own quote?
Yes! You can request a quote from our website. First, our team will make sure we're the best fit for your logistics needs. We'll make sure we have all the key information, then we'll share a custom quote including a breakdown of all charges.We value your time as much as you do.

Rest assured, our team is working swiftly on a response. If more information is required, we will be in touch.
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