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Carbon emissions are a major cause of the global climate crisis, and the public pressure for action has never been greater. And rightly so, given our industry is the second-largest emitter of CO2 emissions globally.


Rerouting logistics for sustainability

Take on sustainability targets with confidence. Get full visibility on emissions by shipments and offset your carbon in one click.
Accurate emissions breakdowns per shipment
Integrated, trusted carbon offsets
Simplify emissions reporting
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Shannon Stephens

Development Team, Brisbane

"We can't just accept the standards of how we’ve been doing things for the last 60 to 70 years. We help our shippers to move forward. The world is changing, get ahead of the curve or watch as it runs away from you."

Frequently asked questions

How are the carbon emissions calculated?
Our calculations factor in ship type, engine specifications, idle duration, distance covered, and fuel consumption. This meticulous approach ensures accurate emissions accounting, preventing overcharging and delivering dependable insights on your shipping emissions.
Can the feature help me set emission reduction targets and track progress?
Our analytics feature is designed to assist you in setting emission reduction targets and monitoring your progress. Our platform tracks your carbon offsets and their evolution over time, enabling you to establish targets, allocate resources for emission offsets, and effectively work towards your sustainability objectives, including managing freight emissions and offsetting shipping carbon emissions.
How is carbon offsetting achieved? Is it reliable?
Carbon offsetting is accomplished through our established partnership with Cloverly, a credible and thoroughly audited sustainability entity. Your financial support is directed towards proven sustainability projects, ensuring a reliable and impactful approach to address the footprint of your shipping emissions.
How can our business share our sustainability efforts?
You can solidify your brand's commitment to sustainability by sharing Cloverly-generated certificates of proof with your customers and stakeholders. These certificates serve as tangible evidence of your efforts to address freight emissions and shipping carbon emissions, enhancing your environmental activism.

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