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world's goods moved by ship.


freight's carbon bill yearly


freight's input to global CO2


carbon savings need by 2030


To make sustainable freight a no-brainer.

Explorate helps you to easily understand, manage and reduce your carbon footprint, and achieve your sustainability goals with the most efficient spend. Work with us to navigate the best next steps in your sustainability strategy. We’ll give you practical ways to reduce the carbon emissions of your logistics operations.

Ship Cleaner

Make informed choices

Calculate and factor in the carbon cost of every shipment. Compare carrier emissions.

Offset your Emissions

Taking action is easy with certified offset options available at the click of a button.

Make Positive Change

Track the impact of your offsets and sustainable shipping choices in the app.

“We are very happy with the direction Explorate is going around carbon tracking and carbon offset, which fits really well with the ethos of our business. They are genuinely doing it. We are happy to list Explorate as our partners to help us achieve our sustainability goals.”

Philip Hutchinson
Merchandise and Logistics Director

Making a Difference One Shipment at a Time

We believe small changes can have big impacts for your business and the world. Our goal is to make those changes easier to make.

Run a tight ship

Consolidate shipments with our PO Management tool.

Know your impact

Track the emissions breakdown for each shipment.


Tap into a global ecosystem, move forward faster.

Frequently asked questions

How do you measure and track your carbon emissions from freight transportation?
For our approach to sustainable shipping, we leverage global partnerships and our market-leading cargo tracker. By measuring carbon emissions using multiple factors, such as vessel type, engine specifications, and distance traveled, we ensure your carbon reporting is accurate and robust.
Does Explorate have any partnerships related to sustainability?
Explorate partners with Cloverly and Searoutes, leveraging their expertise and data to accurately track and offset carbon emissions.
Can you help our business measure and reduce its carbon footprint through freight transportation?
Yes, we can certainly help your business measure and reduce its carbon footprint. With Explorate, you'll recieve emissions data related to your shipments. You can even carbon offset each shipment in an app to support sustainability initiatives.

Our team of experts specializes in sustainable supply chain management and green logistics, and they are dedicated to optimizing your freight operations for reduced environmental impact. Contact us if you have any specific sustainability queries.
Are there any additional fees or charges associated with customs clearance services?
No. With Explorate, can see every charge and why it was applied to your shipment for full transparency.

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