made simple.


We make sustainable freight a no-brainer.


Calculate the carbon cost of every shipment, including cargo moved by your other freight forwarders. Compare carrier and forwarder emissions.


Taking action is easy. We have multiple certified offset and carbon trading options to align with your unique scope 3 sustainability strategy.


We’ll help you navigate the best next steps with practical ways to reduce the carbon emissions of your logistics operations.  Report your progress all in app.

The ripple effect.

Explorate helps you to easily understand, manage and reduce your carbon footprint, and achieve your sustainability goals with the most efficient spend.

With accurate carbon accounting and offsetting, your sustainability strategy will positively impact both your bottom line and the planet.


Make a difference one shipment at a time.

From ASX brands to up-and-coming Australian businesses, we pave the way
for sustainable success, without breaking the bank.

“We are very happy with the direction Explorate is going around carbon tracking and carbon offset, which fits really well with the ethos of our business. They are genuinely doing it. We are happy to list Explorate as our partners to help us achieve our sustainability goals.”

Philip Hutchinson
Merchandise and Logistics Director

"Explorate has been an integral part of Merry People’s success for the past 3 years. Their tech-forward approach to freight forwarding has allowed us to seamlessly manage our shipments from quoting to receiving, giving us complete visibility at every stage of the process. Thanks to their global expertise in cross-trade shipments, Explorate has helped Merry People not just scale in Australia but expand into the US and UK."

Tim White
Head of Operations

“The actual software and the whole way the system runs, we've been craving that for years. We would ask and we just couldn't ever get straight answers. And Explorate's just completely taken that out for us. It's obviously been a game changer for me because it's just less things to worry about. It's so much easier to take data in and just visualise it straight away.”

Charlie Hender


Small changes,
big impacts.

We kickstart sustainability on your shelves by mixing hands-on expertise with cutting-edge tech,  giving you the best of both worlds to enforcing your sustainability strategy.


Elevating your sustainability story.


Our market leading emissions calculator takes into account the weather, vessel age, type and route of your shipments to give you the most accurate scope 3 emissions calculations.


Our data partnerships have a purpose, to engineer credibility in our data for our clients. By aggregating their insights, our platform becomes a source of unwavering reliability.


We match the carbon emissions of your shipment with a local carbon credit project to mitigate your environmental impact in a way that resonates for your customers and stakeholders.


These offsets are certified by four standard bodies. Monitor your quarterly cargo offset percentage and gain trusted certification for in-app offset purchases so you can share your progress.


We're serious about sustainability.

Greenwashing has no place here. Explorate is all about turning words into action for both our team and customers on the journey toward net zero.



Our product team is developing a solution for sustainable supply chains that is both simple while delivering meaningful and lasting impact to our customers.

Sustainability Panel.

Our experts are charting a cost-effective course for sustainable success for our team and customers, including getting Explorate BCorp certified.


We bring together the best in the business with our sustainability partnerships to help you make strategic supply chain decisions with confidence.

De-stress your supply chain.

Logistics management is never a one size fits all.  That's why we offer multiple avenues for you to discover how Explorate can support your team.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you measure and track your carbon emissions from freight transportation?
For our approach to sustainable shipping, we leverage global partnerships and our market-leading cargo tracker. By measuring carbon emissions using multiple factors, such as vessel type, engine specifications, and distance traveled, we ensure your carbon reporting is accurate and robust.
Does Explorate have any partnerships related to sustainability?
Explorate partners with Cloverly and Searoutes, leveraging their expertise and data to accurately track and offset carbon emissions.
Can you help our business measure and reduce its carbon footprint through freight transportation?
Yes, we can certainly help your business measure and reduce its carbon footprint. With Explorate, you'll recieve emissions data related to your shipments. You can even carbon offset each shipment in an app to support sustainability initiatives.

Our team of experts specializes in sustainable supply chain management and green logistics, and they are dedicated to optimizing your freight operations for reduced environmental impact. Contact us if you have any specific sustainability queries.

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