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The document dilemma

It’s time to swap the fax machine for a scanner.  Managing documents doesn't have to be another burden on your already overloaded plate.


Digital Document Management

All shipping and commercial documentation are deposited and stored on a shipment level within the Explorate application. Upon transaction completion, all shipments are archived and are available for retrieval for reporting and/or audit purposes.
Secure storage in the cloud
Create an archive for your paperwork
Searchable by shipment 24/7
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Aaron Casey

Head of Customs and Transport, Brisbane

"If you want to clear Customs quickly, an easy win is by upload your documents to our portal as soon as your shipment has departed. This allows us to review your documents ahead of time to ensure compliance and minimise duty outlay."

Frequently asked questions

What types of documents can be stored and managed using this feature?
The feature enables you to store and manage a variety of documents, including standard document formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as PDF files.
Can multiple team members access and collaborate on documents simultaneously?
Our system allows multiple team members to access and collaborate on documents simultaneously. Different users with varying roles can view, download, and contribute to documents within your shipment management process.
How does Explorate ensure document security and confidentiality?
At Explorate, we prioritise document security and confidentiality. We employ a multi-layered approach, utilising secure cloud storage hosted on Australia-based AWS servers. Additionally, our system features two-factor authentication for login and assigns specific user roles to ensure stringent security measures for safeguarding your valuable data.

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