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Where Explorate excels

Our goal is to help you optimise your supply chain. That's why we'll only quote if we know we're the best freight partner for the job. While in logistics there's an exception to every rule, here's where we do our best work.

Personal Cargo

As our specialty is optimizing supply chains; we don't handle personal cargo.

One Off Shipments

We prioritize client relationships over transactional, one-off, shipments.

Cross-trades outside Australia

Our expertise lies in collaborating effectively with APAC brands for optimal results.

Commercial Businesses

We excel with commercial businesses across diverse verticals such as retail, agriculture and construction.

Multiple Shipments

The greater your brand's shipments with us, the more finely we can optimise your supply chain.

Australian Companies

As an Australian-based freight forwarder, we thrive when collaborating with bands on our home soil.

Digital Freight Forwarding

With our four Australian offices, we bring the world closer to you. We cover the sea freight movement of your products, customs clearance and tariff classifications, up to coordinating pick-up and delivery.

Sea Freight

We do 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC, Reefer, Flat Rack, Open Top, RORO, Breakbulk .

Air Freight

Over 48 integrated carriers, to ensure your goods get delivered to their destination on-time.

Rail & Road Freight

Our teams manage last-mile delivery in Australia and overseas.

Customs Clearance

We ensure you have everything you need to clear goods through customs agencies worldwide.


freight experts.

We believe small changes can have a big, positive impact for our customers. Our team and high-performance culture are the driver of our rapid growth and market-leading innovation.

Frequently asked questions

What is Explorate?
Explorate is a forwarding service dedicated to solving the world's biggest supply chain challenges.

Our solution offers the perfect synergy of cutting-edge technology and human expertise, setting a new standard for the logistics industry. Developed by seasoned logistics professionals, our platform integrates freight bookings, purchase order management, real-time shipment tracking, intuitive digital dashboards, and seamless workflow management.
What types of freight do you handle?
When container shipping to Australia, some goods require specific handling.

Explorate can handle all your commercial freight forwarding needs from sea freight to air freight, to road and rail. Our logistics experts also provide solutions for custom or non-standard shipments such as break bulk, open top and flat racks.

We forward sea freight to Australia daily, so our team is well equipped to find you the best ocean shipping quote for your cargo.
How do you know your tracking is accurate?
Explorate's smart freight tracking feature utilises multiple global data sources to ensure accuracy and coverage from origin to last mile delivery.

Our in-app cargo tracker utilises data from our global partners, OneStop, SeaRoutes, Marine Traffic and Vizion to provide up to the minute updates.
What kind of freight analytics do you provide?
Our order management system provides comprehensive freight analytics, including data on carrier performance, shipment delays, emissions, and TEU metrics.

Our analytics are constantly updated by our purchase order software and online order management system so you can make data-driven decisions, streamline processes, improve inventory management, and enhance overall fulfillment management.
Does Explorate manage Customs Clearance?
When container shipping to Australia, there's complex regulations to follow.

Explorate provides licensed customs broker and freight forwarding services. We deal directly with Government, port and airport authorities to interpret the latest legislation.

We also liaise directly with your suppliers, agents and internal team to collate, analyse and verify your documentation to ensure that your shipment and documentation complies with legislation.
How do you measure carbon emissions?
For our approach to sustainable shipping, we leverage global partnerships and our market-leading cargo tracker. By measuring carbon emissions using multiple factors, such as vessel type, engine specifications, and distance traveled, we ensure your carbon reporting is accurate and robust.
Can I track shipments from other forwarders?
Yes, you can track your sea shipments from other forwarders using the Explorate platform. For one-stop tracking convenience, all you need to provide is the container number associated with your shipment and your shipment will be visible alongside any freight moved by our in house operations team.
Can I request my own quote?
Yes! You can request a ocean shipping quote or air freight quote from our website. First, our team will make sure we're the best forwarding service for your logistics needs.

We'll make sure we have all the key information, then we'll share a custom ocean shipping quote or air freight quote including a breakdown of all charges.

Rest assured, our team is working swiftly on a response. If more information is required, we will be in touch.
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