Get a handle on
inventory control.


Real-time PO Visibility.

Bridge the gap between POs and shipments with PO line-level visibility, seamlessly linking to shipment status, quotes, charges, and invoices.

Easy setup for fast visibility.

Connect your ERP via CSV or API integration. Skip the copy and paste and upgrade your spreadsheets.

Strategically batch and book.

Optimise your batching and booking workflow with SKU-level visibility and easy booking directly in the app.

See your inventory in motion.

Manage POs with real-time visibility into their bookings, docs, shipment status, charges, and invoices.
Get a quote

Quote, book and plan delivery by PO.

Disconnected trade systems make it difficult for shippers to know what's arriving and when.

We teamed up with Australian brands to craft a PO management tool that tackles these issues while giving them full transparency into their supply chain.


Visibility powers productivity.

Take control of your inventory management. Track orders, manage shipping, and save time—all in one place. Stay ahead with proactive alerts and powerful analytics for added efficiency and savings.

Reduce admin.

Spend less time in your inbox and more time on strategy.

Reduce errors.

Reconcile shipments with orders, to ensure no more surprises

Data-driven decisions.

Get the information you need earlier, so you can make informed decisions.

Streamline operations.

Drive impact with complete connectivity from PO to delivery.


Extend your crew
with experts.

There’s only so much your team can do on their own. That's why our PO management tool encourages proactive booking suggestions from your operator.


Frequently asked questions

How can I access PO management?
Get in contact with your operator or customer success manager to discuss enabling PO management for your account.
What types of tasks can be performed using the PO Management feature?
The PO Management feature offers a variety of tasks to enhance your order management efficiency. You can conveniently link a purchase order to an existing quote or shipment, simplifying documentation processes. Additionally, the feature enables you to create new quotes and shipments directly from a purchase order, minimising data entry efforts and increasing productivity.
Can I integrate the PO Management feature with other software systems?
Certainly, integration is supported between the PO Management feature and other software systems. Our platform's API allows for integration into your existing ERPs, enabling enhanced order management and a more streamlined workflow Get in touch to discuss how Explorate would integrate into your workflow. 
Can I generate reports and analytics based on purchase order data?
Yes, our application empowers you to create insightful reports and analytics utilizing your purchase order data. From shipments to emissions and freight management, our platform provides consolidated and detailed information down to the level of individual containers.
Who can use the PO Management feature?
The PO Management feature is designed with scalability in mind. It is a suitable solution for businesses of all sizes, spanning from SMEs to national enterprise brands. You can expect a seamless transition and optimized order management regardless of your business's scale.

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