Control your cargo.
Control costs.


Maximise profits and minimise admin.

Explorate streamlines your workflow so your next step towards efficiency and cost reduction is clear.

Built for rapid service.

It takes 15 minutes to see real-time data and less than 6 hours to get a quote (including on weekends).

Reduce admin.

Cut administrative tasks with in-app data storing, sharing, and reporting made simple.

Data-driven decisions.

Get instant insights that inform action with live dashboards, activity feeds, and task lists.
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Digital Document Management.

No need to upload the same form multiple times. View or download at any time from your shipment records. No need to worry about spilling coffee or losing docs. We store them securely in our platform.


Quote, book and plan delivery by PO.

Bridge the gap between POs and shipments with PO line-level visibility, seamlessly linking to shipment status, quotes, charges, and invoices.

Get started fast.

Connect your ERP via CSV or API integration. Skip the copy and paste and turn your spreadsheet into an interactive dashbaord.

Book strategically.

Optimise your batching and booking workflow with SKU-level visibility and easy booking directly in the app.

See your POs in motion.

Manage POs with real-time visibility into their bookings, docs, shipment status, charges, and invoices.

Simplify reporting.

Instantly turn your data into insights with live dashboards and in-app exporting to CSV from PO to delivery.


Simplify last-mile

Our delivery management tool provides you with 24/7 access and control of your inbound deliveries.

Notify carriers, monitor cargo status and assign delivery priorities in-app based on your business needs.


Get more done
with expert advice.

As freight operations specialists, we know the ins and outs so you don’t have to.

So when you need a trusted advisor to get you through choppy or unchartered waters, we’re that extra set of hands and expertise you can call on.


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer electronic documentation options to streamline the paperwork process?
Yes! All shipping and commercial documentation are deposited and stored on a shipment level within the Explorate application. Upon transaction completion, all shipments are archived and are available for retrieval for reporting and/or audit purposes.
What kind of freight analytics do you provide, and how can it help optimize my supply chain?
Yes, our order management system provides comprehensive freight analytics, including data on carrier performance, shipment delays, emissions, and TEU metrics.

Our analytics are constantly updated by our purchase order software and online order management system so you can make data-driven decisions, streamline processes, improve inventory management, and enhance overall fulfillment management.

Ready to take the stress out of your supply chain?