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Less ambiguity, means less stress. Yet, container tracking and shipment monitoring remains inaccurate and elusive for many. How can you run a tight ship, when you can't see where your cargo is in real time?


The GPS for your shipments.

Our advanced CargoTracker technology helps you stay on top of your orders.  Receive notifications when your shipment leaves port any changes to the ETA, so you’re ready in advance.
Track FCL, LCL and Air Cargo
Location updates every 3 hours
No need to pay for expensive tracking software
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Jaye Coley

Sales Team, Brisbane

“One of my favourite features to demonstrate to customers is the card view in shipment management because it never fails to impress!”

Frequently asked questions

Is the 'Track Shipments' feature applicable to all modes of transportation?
The 'Track Shipments' feature is versatile and suitable for all modes of transportation, such as ocean, air, and land. While you can track various modes, please be aware that we cannot always provide live details for air cargo. If you need air cargo updates, don't hesitate to contact your dedicated freight operator.
Can I track multiple shipments using the automated tracking system?
Yes, you can conveniently track multiple sea shipments at once using our automated tracking system. Our one-stop tracking solution provides you with a centralised dashboard, enabling you to seamlessly access information for each shipment, including documents and event timelines via our freight tracker.
Can I customize notifications based on specific events or triggers?
Yes, the ability to customise notifications based on specific events or triggers is at your disposal. Through our smart freight tracking, and one-stop tracking dashboard, you can easily adjust your email notifications to ensure you're kept up to date on the updates that matter most for tracking your cargo.
Can I share tracking information with my clients, partners, or stakeholders?
Yes, you can track your sea shipments from other forwarders using the Explorate platform. For one-stop tracking convenience, all you need to provide is the container number associated with your shipment and your shipment will be visible alongside any freight moved by our in house operations team.
Can I share the location of my cargo with others using the Explorate App?
Yes! With our shareable shipments, give your internal teams and customers peace of mind with accurate cargo tracking and ETAs.

For any shipment, click share and the Explorate platform will generate a link that will show the shipment's location without the potential for private information or financials being shown.

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