Enhanced visibility
and control.


Full cargo visibility, regardless of forwarder.

Leverage real-time, credible data from a central location, arming your team with the information required for data-informed decisions.

Get visibility & control.

Full cargo visibility, auto-updated, regardless of your forwarder. Make more informed decisions.

Save time, money & sanity.

Ditch the spreadsheets and endless tracking emails. Get real-time container insights in one platform.

Keep everyone updated.

Build trust with your internal and external stakeholders with simple, reliable delivery updates.

Start tracking with just
a container number.

No intergrations required. Monitor and report on containers from various forwarders on one dashboard, using just their container number —tailored for shippers handling various forwarders or CIF incoterms.


The GPS for your shipments.

Drive impact with complete shipment and financial visibility and connectivity from PO to delivery.

Search, and share supply chain updates, stay alerted to issues or tasks, and resolve them in-app.


Plan ahead and make informed decisions with market-leading data and expert advice.


Drive impact with complete visibility and connectivity from PO to delivery.


Streamline cross-team collaboration with anytime, anywhere data handling.


Instantly turn your data into insights with live dashboards and in-app exporting to CSV.


Get real-time PO to delivery visibility.

Bridge the gap between POs and shipments with PO line-level visibility, seamlessly linking to shipment status, quotes, charges, and invoices.

Connect your ERP via CSV or API integration. Skip the copy and paste and upgrade your spreadsheets.


Share branded live status updates.

Give your team and customers peace of mind by keeping them in the loop. Our shareable shipments tool lets you share live tracking shipment data. Reduce emails, calls and miscommunications.


Accelerate decision-making and reporting.

Long gone are the days of tedious spreadsheets, insufficient data and sub-optimization.

Instantly tap into real-time, accurate insights from various sources. Sort, filter, and export data for hassle-free reporting: no SQL required.


Reviews that speak volumes.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear how we've helped Australian businesses reach new heights with our supply chain expertise.
“The app saves me so much time. Instead of having to keep track of where everything is and having the documents all over the place.”
Trucks always arrive within time-slot, it makes it so easy to plan our operations. Love it!!
Beam Mobility.
“Just having the ability to look at something without having to reach out to someone and ask for a shipment is just a game changer.”
ORTC Clothing Co.
“Explorate's tech-forward approach to freight forwarding has allowed us to seamlessly manage our shipments.”
Merry People.
"Was very happy. Smooth transaction. The online portal is great, gives me updates when ever I need them."
Think Better Group.
“We are happy to list Explorate as a partners helping us achieve our sustainability goals and are very happy Explorate's direction.”

De-stress your supply chain.

Logistics management is never a one size fits all.  That's why we offer multiple avenues for you to discover how Explorate can support your team.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure your tracking data is accurate?
Explorate's smart freight tracking feature utilises multiple global data sources to ensure accuracy and coverage from origin to last mile delivery.

Our in-app cargo tracker utilises data from our global partners, OneStop, SeaRoutes, and Marine Traffic to provide up to the minute updates.  
Do you provide tracking notifications when there are updates on my shipment?
Yes. The accuracy and real-time coverage provided by our cargo tracker feature enables us to identify changes to your shipment. When this happens, you and anyone you have nominated to receive shipment updates, will be notified by email.
Is the tracking information updated in real-time, or is there a delay?
Our smart freight tracking information for sea shipments is updated in real-time and available 24/7 to ensure accurate and up-to-date details throughout the delivery process.

Explorate customers receive OneStop tracking that covers the entire journey, including the last-mile delivery in Australia.
Can I track my shipments from my other forwarders?
Yes, you can track your sea shipments from other forwarders using the Explorate platform.

For one-stop tracking convenience, all you need to provide is the container number associated with your shipment and your shipment will be visible alongside any freight moved by our in house operations team.
Can I share the location of my cargo with others using the Explorate App?
Yes! With our sharable shipments, give your internal teams and customers peace of mind with accurate cargo tracking and ETAs.

For any shipment, click share and the Explorate platform will generate a link that will show the shipment's location without the potential for private information or financials being shown.

Ready to take the stress out of your supply chain?