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No-nonsense dashboard

See where your cargo is in the shipment lifecycle at a glance. Simplify shipment updates for sales and marketing .


Boost Customer Satisfaction

Give your team and customers peace of mind by keeping them in the loop. Our shareable shipments tool lets you share live tracking shipment data. Reducing emails, calls and the blame game.


Know your options. Ship smarter.

Compare vessel options by carrier, transit time, and ETA to find the sailing option that best meets your business needs.
See 90% of shipping schedules
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Visibility You Can
Count On

Our personalised dashboard and real-time online sailing schedules provide trust and transparency and will help you to save time and money.

Seamless workflow

End to end visibility and control of your supply chain

Save your time, money & sanity

Do more with less. Knowing your cargo is in good hands.

Better customer satisfaction

Build trust with reliable delivery updates.

Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure your tracking data is accurate?
Explorate's smart freight tracking feature utilises multiple global data sources to ensure accuracy and coverage from origin to last mile delivery.

Our in-app cargo tracker utilises data from our global partners, OneStop, SeaRoutes, and Marine Traffic to provide up to the minute updates.  
Do you provide tracking notifications when there are updates on my shipment?
Yes. The accuracy and real-time coverage provided by our cargo tracker feature enables us to identify changes to your shipment. When this happens, you and anyone you have nominated to receive shipment updates, will be notified by email.
Is the tracking information updated in real-time, or is there a delay?
Our smart freight tracking information for sea shipments is updated in real-time and available 24/7 to ensure accurate and up-to-date details throughout the delivery process.

Explorate customers receive OneStop tracking that covers the entire journey, including the last-mile delivery in Australia.
Can I track my shipments from my other forwarders?
Yes, you can track your sea shipments from other forwarders using the Explorate platform.

For one-stop tracking convenience, all you need to provide is the container number associated with your shipment and your shipment will be visible alongside any freight moved by our in house operations team.
Can I share the location of my cargo with others using the Explorate App?
Yes! With our sharable shipments, give your internal teams and customers peace of mind with accurate cargo tracking and ETAs.

For any shipment, click share and the Explorate platform will generate a link that will show the shipment's location without the potential for private information or financials being shown.

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