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Shipment status updates in one click.

Each shipment includes a shareable dedicated URL, offering stakeholders a live map view of arrival and departure progress to simplify progress reporting.

Share internally.

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Give your internal teams and customers peace of mind with accurate cargo tracking.

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Share precise ETAs with your team for proactive planning.

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Empower your team to answer customer inquiries promptly.

Share externally.

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Build trust and loyalty with your customers giving them the delivery visibility they expect with ease.

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Embed a URL in customer emails or receipts for independent tracking.

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Share the details they need without revealing sensitive information.


Boost customer satisfaction.

How Explorate helped Jawa Campers to deliver quality and transparent customer service through our shareable shipments feature.

Reduce the admin burden.

Less calls. Less emails.

Spend less time managing status requests, focus on what really matters.

Improved customer experience.

Boost your customer confidence with live status updates on their goods.

Sync internal operations.

Align finance, marketing & ops with accurate inventory and import timelines.


Solutions that are

Our rapid and continual development is steered by an entirely Australian team, solving Australian problems first. This proximity ensures agile responsiveness to the unique and ever-evolving demands of our customers and the local market.


Frequently asked questions

What types of shipment information can be shared using this feature?
You can share a range of valuable shipment information using the shareable shipments feature. This includes details such as the timeline of events, current cargo location, trade lane, ports of call, carrier information, cargo ready date, estimated arrival date, and actual arrival date.
Is there a limit to the number of stakeholders I can share the information with?
No, you have the flexibility to share information with any number of stakeholders using the shareable shipment feature. Sharing shipment details via a link ensures that you can provide information to all the required parties.
Can I track who accessed the shared information and when?
No, the shareable shipment feature does not support tracking of who accessed the shared information and when. This is because viewers are not required to create accounts or log in, preventing us from monitoring the identities or timing of cargo detail access.

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