Sail smoothly
with customs


Don’t get held up at the border

There’s nothing worse to a schedule than improper paperwork or a bottle-neck. Explorate’s dedicated customs professionals can ensure you have everything you need to clear goods through customs agencies worldwide.


Expert tips to put you in the clear.

As specialists in the prerequisites of various goods, our team will offer guidance and compliance support to save the cost and stress of expensive deferrals, penalties and reallocation of the stock.
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Say Goodbye to Red Tape

Avoid delivery delays

Explorate reduces your risk of detention or delay by analysing and verifying your documentation to ensure you meet the country’s requirements.

Avoid fines & penalties

Our experts prevent you from getting hit by expensive deferrals, fines, reallocation of the stock, and other different penalties.

Your freight record

Explorate offers a secure way to store supply chain documents. Access your archive at any time for reporting and auditing.

Frequently asked questions

How does Explorate manage Customs Clearance documents?
Explorate provides licensed customs broker and freight forwarding services. We deal directly with Government, port and airport authorities to interpret the latest legislation. We also liaise directly with your suppliers, agents and internal team to collate, analyse and verify your documentation to ensure that your shipment and documentation complies with legislation.
How long does your customs clearance process typically take?
Our expert customs team ask for 5 days to review and verify shipment documentation prior to ETA.
What happens if there are delays or issues during the customs clearance process?
As your customs broker and forwarding agent, Explorate will liaise with customs authorities to resolve any unforeseen issues and minimise delays and impacts to your shipments.
Are there any additional fees or charges associated with customs clearance services?
No. With Explorate, can see every charge and why it was applied to your shipment for full transparency.

Ready to take the stress out of your supply chain?