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Just as a captain wouldn't set sail without a compass, a logistics manager shouldn’t navigate operations sans data. Without it, you're sailing blind, unable to gauge direction or progress.


Data-led Decisions with Analytics

Explorate's in-app analytics feature is fully customisable, so you can translate real-time shipping and transaction data into actionable supply chain insights.
Compare supplier performance
Track carbon emissions
Simplify supply chain reporting
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Elliot Smith

Head of Product, Brisbane

"The same data we use to book, track and optimise shipments is made readily available to you in the Explorate platform, to ensure you always know what's happening. Allowing you to make the right decisions for your business in partnership with our operations experts."

Frequently asked questions

What types of data can be analysed using the Freight Analytics feature?
Leverage analytics and reporting to drive smarter planning and buying decisions and enhance your CSR strategy. We visualise your shipment data and provide performance metrics on-demand including: carbon emissions reporting, shipping line performance, trade lane volumes and delays.
Can I integrate the Freight Analytics feature with other data sources?
Yes, you have the capability to integrate the Freight Analytics feature with other software systems or data sources. Export your data in versatile formats to effectively integrate our reporting into your existing freight management system, optimizing your analytics.
Can I track key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to my freight operations?
Yes, you have the capability to track key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your freight operations through our advanced analytics and reporting. Our platform gathers crucial shipment data, including trade lanes, cargo types, cargo movement, purchase order management, and emission management, empowering you with comprehensive insights for effective decision-making.

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