12 Culture Builders We've Tried and Tested


Culture, especially in the context of the logistics industry, is often seen as non-essential fluff. Yet, we have the numbers to prove that’s not the case. Our specialist in Business Operations,  Lyndsay Reyn, is here to renew your team culture with twelve simple initiatives you can execute today that have been tried and tested by our team.

1. Staying informed and aligned in a complex industry.

With complex regulations, acronyms and industry updates galore, it’s vital that your team is all on the same page. 

On boarding

Set your team up for success with up to date and engaging onboarding. Not only will this decrease the time it takes for new hires to get comfortable, but it sets the standard for your team culture as well.

  • Our onboarding includes:
  • A team lunch to celebrate
  • A hub of resources to set them up
  • Self-guided courses to learn the ropes
  • Meetings with each of the different teams
  • Filling out your Explorator Profile
Align your Vision

Everyone should have clear and measurable goals that align their individual efforts align to the team mission.

  • We have a toolbox session where each team presents their quarterly goals to the company. This way, it's clear the part we all play in achieving a shared vision.

2. Uniting the team despite rapid growth and change.

The logistics industry is turbulent, yet a united team can navigate the choppy waters.

Weekly Toolbox

We unite our team with an end-of-week event called Toolbox. As the name suggests, these meetups discuss industry events, tools and techniques that the team can equip to make their role more straightforward.

They also include:

  • Guest speakers
  • ‘Ask the Founders’ sessions
  • Trivia and afternoon drinks
Wishlist Meetings

Make the most out of your team. The way we hear new suggestions is through fortnightly wish-list meetings where our teams pitch new ideas for app features or internal processes.

3. Empowering the team to feel passionate and motivated.

Data shows fulfillment comes from learning,  personal growth and recognition.

Lunchtime Learning

Weekly, we run a workshop in the lunch break that the team can attend to power up their skills. These sessions include workflow refinement, new technologies, tools as well as transferable skills.

  • Some Lunchtime Learning sessions we've loved:
  • Making the most out of Google Calendar
  • Team Showcase and Open Forum
  • Canva 101
Digital Upskilling Courses

At Explorate, we utilize the unique skills and experiences by making digital upskilling Courses. Using Coassemble, our internal team members can make lesson plans for the rest of their team, sharing their knowledge in their specific domain.

  • Check in with your team. See if there are any individuals with an interest in sharing either their domain or transferable knowledge with the team. 
Explorator Profiles

As a component of our onboarding process, we have our team fill out their Explorator profile. This includes a question on how they like to be rewarded.

Learn how your team members want to be rewarded. That way, when a team member is excelling, you know the perfect way to recognize their efforts.

4. Approaching sensitive topics like mental health.

It's important to stay in-tune to the individual members of a team.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Be proactive in knowing when you're not hitting the mark. With an annual engagement survey, you can check in with the individual members of your team to ensure they're supported in reaching their goals.

  • We recommend using a free anonymous survey platform such as google forms. 
Mental Health Awareness Month

To reinvigorate our team, we brought together team members who already have a keen interest in health and wellness. Throughout the month of October, we hosted:

  • Slack Buddy System
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Stretching Sessions
  • Family Afternoon Picnic
  • Hiring a Masseuse

Does your team use slack? Try Donut for slack to pair up your team members. With prompts to get them chatting, you can make sure your remote, interstate or even international teams stay connected. 

Feel Good February

This February, we've set our team up with some weekly events & challenges to keep them feeling good. Better yet, if they complete the challenge, we will book them a massage!

  • Bring in something to customize your desk
  • Leave a positive review for a local business via google
  • Make one of your meetings a walking meeting
  • Try time blocking in your calendar for a day
  • Give someone a recommendation on LinkedIn
  • Take a picture in nature and share it with the team

5. Keeping the team excited to come into the office.

With tense deadlines and multitude of moving parts, working in logistics can take it's toll on team morale. Take a step back with your team with some

Friday Fun Day

A beloved Explorate tradition, is our Fifth Friday Fun-day. On the fifth Friday of any five week month, our team celebrates our achievements with different activities and workshops.

  • Pitching the Explorate Brand Workshop
  • Paint & Sip, Bowling, Axe Throwing, Putt Putt
  • City Scavenger Hunt
  • Team Lunch
Social Sports and Extra Activities

There's no better way to boost team morale than through some social sports. The Explorate team is no stranger to after work sports, with our very own volleyball, badminton and futsal teams.

Although we don't always win, we've definitely become stronger as a team.


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