3 supply chain resources to make your day easier


As a Logistics Manager, we know your job involves a lot more than getting shipments from A-to-B! 

You need to juggle tasks like arranging shipments and managing freight forwarders, alongside daily business operations. You're also expected to keep up-to-date with current affairs and global industry news that may impact your work. 

To help save you time and get on top of your day, we've rounded up some of our favourite supply chain resources below (if you aren't already familiar!).

1. Tracking cargo and fleet in real time

MarineTraffic Where's my ship? is a clever online service that allows you to monitor the movement of ships, marine vessels and smaller craft. 

It uses data gathered from coastal AIS-receiving stations, satellite receivers and other complementary data sources and displays their real-time positions on a map. It also gives you some key information about each ship and allows you to use filters to limit the results.  

If you're an Explorate customer, you can access this information (and more) in-app with the following features:

Shareable Shipments

Focusing on delivery visibility, this feature enables you to give added value to your customers, as you can easily share real-time information on their delivery's whereabouts. It also saves you a lot of time because you don't need to constantly update them while their goods are in transit.

To prevent any pressure on your customer service team, we also give you the option of whether or not to display the last leg or expected delivery date.

Tracking External Shipments

The Explorate platform gives you full visibility of all your shipments, even if those shipments aren't organised through us.

Our Shipment Management Page allows you to easily track any FCL shipment made outside of Explorate, from one centralised platform.

Warehouse Delivery Reports

Our Reports Page is full of practical and user-oriented functionalities. The Warehouse delivery reports are especially popular with our customers, as they allow Warehouse Managers to easily see the shipments that are due to arrive and the delivery estimates.

2. Staying one step ahead

Freight forwarding and international trade conditions have been especially volatile in recent years, highlighting the importance of relying on a trustworthy source of news and updates. 

The Loadstar, Freightwaves and offer high-quality supply chain journalism, including analysis of the challenges the sector faces, current affairs and the impact on the supply chain. Expect breaking news, feature debates, podcasts and interviews with leading freight executives.

3. Understanding every aspect of the supply chain

If you need educational resources, special reports and statistics, check out Logistics Management

It's a reliable monthly magazine with 60 years of history behind it. You can find broad-topic stories and blogs, ranging from warehouse management, e-commerce, transportation and technology.

At Explorate, we also like to make your day-to-day easier, which is why we've integrated many useful resources like these into our platform. Other useful in-App functionalities include push notifications, automatic ETA updates and real-time alerts on the most important industry news. They're all designed to help you make better forecasts and preparations for your cargo and give market leading visibility of your supply chains. 

A better freight forwarding experience is possible! Get in touch at - we'll be happy to tell you about more great supply chain resources that'll make your day easier.


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