A Toast to 2023: Reflecting on an Award-Winning Year


As the curtain falls on another incredible award season, we wanted to pull back the curtain and share a glimpse into the journey and people that got us here.  

Here’s the recap: 

  1. Young Entrepreneur Awards: Digital Disruptor Award 
  2. Young Entrepreneur Awards: Trailblazer Award
  3. Deloitte Tech Fast 50: #29
  4. Lord Mayor's Business Awards ANZ High-growth finalist.
  5. ASCLA Supply Chain Management category finalist
  6. Australian Financial Reviews Digital Transformation Leader List.

These praises fall into two major categories: Growth and supply chain innovation.

Award-Winning Growth 

Against a backdrop of global headwinds, from mounting inflation to geopolitical uncertainties, the shipping industry found itself at the nexus of economic tension.

 74% of consumers have reduced their nonessential retail spending to better navigate financial constraints, exerting a substantial influence on retailers’ demand for shipping containers.

Yet, despite unprecedented supply-side challenges placing pressure on the margins of many businesses, Explorate still continued to achieve substantial growth in key metrics. 

The Result: Deloitte Tech Fast 50. 

As a result, we secured the 29th position in Deloitte's Tech Fast 50 for 2023. Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 program recognises, profiles and celebrates Australia’s fastest-growing tech companies.

The Result: Young Entrepreneur Trailblazer Award. 

Another growth related award we took home, was the Young Entrepreneurs Trailblazer award. All finalists are up for the Trailblazer Award, which is presented to an entrepreneur that has achieved exponential growth in their business over a short period of time. This is one that the judging panel believes will make a big name for itself and has the potential for major success.

The Result: Lord Mayor's Business Awards ANZ High-growth finalist.

And finally, we were listed as a finalist in the Lord Mayor Business Awards ANZ High-growth category.  This award is for companies of all sizes that are tackling national and global markets and have achieved significant growth in revenue, staff, customers or new markets over the past three years.

Behind the Scenes

Our journey from humble garage-startup to trailblazer is a testament to our team, our vision and our unrelenting drive to solve problems and create value.

On-the-Ground Agile Team.

A cornerstone of our growth is rapid and continual development steered by an entirely Australian team—operators, developers, and sales team—all working collaboratively under one roof.  

This proximity ensures agile responsiveness to the ever-evolving demands of our customers and the market. Their deep local insight provides Australian businesses with tailored and competitive freight solutions that unlock their global potential.

Scalable Solutions that Grow with our Customers. 

Then, the scalability and adaptability of our solution enables us to rapidly push into new markets using a proven and repeatable process. Explorate intertwines building resilience with improved daily operations, making the case for supply chain investment a no-brainer. Right on cue too, with a recent survey showing 88 percent of CEOs in the Australian Industry Group expressed their intention to invest in supply chain resilience in 2023.

Award-Winning Supply Chain Innovation

In the volatility of 2023, with inflation significantly impacting business margins, our platform mitigated supply-side risks and streamlined logistics operations for our customers.

So how did we bring much-needed relief to those facing increased market pressures and supply chain complexities? Award-winning supply chain innovation.

The Result: Young Entrepreneur Awards, Digital Disruptor Award.

This innovation had us take home The Young Entrepreneurs Digital Disruptor award which celebrates entrepreneurs harnessing the power of software and apps to elevate client profiles and transform industries.

The Result: ASCLA Supply Chain Management category finalist.

Then, we were listed as a finalist in the Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Associations supply chain management category.  This category recognises organisations that can demonstrate significant achievement or improvement within a section or across their entire supply chain.

The Result: Australian Financial Reviews Digital Transformation Leader List.

Earning the title of Digital Transformation Leader in the AFRs Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing & Transport sector isn’t something we take lightly. Businesses are assessed on their commitment to change, how they integrate strategy with digital goals, and how effectively technology changes are monitored.

Behind the Scenes

Despite a tumultuous global landscape marked by high inflation and capital constraints, Explorate’s all-in-one platform for freight bookings, PO Management, shipment tracking and emissions management has propelled us to the forefront of the market.

PO Management.

Explorates PO Management has significantly transformed our offering, attracting shippers seeking consolidated inventory and freight management for enhanced operational efficiency, shipment visibility, and control down to SKU level.

While our digital freight solution was already market-leading, the integration of PO Management and API integrations with ERPs has expanded our impact into other departments. Bringing us closer to our vision of being a comprehensive platform for global trade. 

Emissions Management.

Our goal is to make emissions management BAU for Australian businesses. Current solutions are expensive and sit separate to standard operations.  So we launched our emissions management solution to help brands achieve their sustainability goals with the most efficient spend. 

First, we focused on providing accurate emission measurement per shipment into the app via APIs, incorporating historical and real-time data like route information, weather conditions, and ship performance. Then, we collaborated with Cloverly to seamlessly integrate certified carbon offset projects into the app. This direct access to carbon offsets from the shipment record empowers users to efficiently address emissions concerns within their standard shipping workflow. 

This recognition is about so much more than trophies or gala events; it's a celebration of the stories, solutions, and sweat that paved our path to this success. 

Thank you to our partners and customers who fueled the rapid growth and innovative solutions we've delivered over the last year. Thank you also to the Explorate family (from both the office and home) for making this adventure such a fun one. Bring on a bigger and better year ahead.

If you want to join us in our journey, get in touch!


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