Eco-Innovation: Explorate and Cloverly Partner for a Purpose


The Mission: Rapidly Scalable Climate Action

EY research shows that more than 90 percent of an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions, and 50–70 percent of operating costs, are attributable to supply chains.

Now, supply chain professionals are feeling the pressure to reduce their emissions (and the data proves it).

MHI, Deloitte. (2023). “2023 MHI Annual Industry Report - The Responsible Supply Chain".

So if you’re looking to optimise your operations, it makes sense to focus on a transformation that will positively impact  your bottom line and the planet. Slashing your supply chain emissions might just be the easiest and highest-impact business decision you can make. 

Impacts and Benefits

Consumer Demand and Brand Reputation

In an age of heightened consumer eco-social consciousness, brands striving for sustainability stand out, cultivating loyalty, and sparking positive word-of-mouth endorsements.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Hitting sustainability targets demands transparency and efficiency. As a result, the pursuit of sustainability enhances supply chain resilience, minimizing disruptions, safeguarding reputation, and lowering associated costs.

Regulatory Compliance and Future-Proofing

Building a brand with staying power demands aligning with worldwide climate regulations to secure access to future markets and ensure lasting sustainability.

Your Consumers are savvy and can easily spot insincere efforts

Embracing half-measures and greenwashing erodes your brand's credibility, leaving consumers skeptical about your commitment to genuine sustainability.

Words alone can't revolutionize supply chains. But taking concrete strides towards a more sustainable future has many hurdles of it's own. 

Fortunately, the road to sustainability doesn't have to be traveled alone. An ecosystem approach connects you with the right experts to enable authentic and enduring sustainability shifts within your business.

Introducing Cloverly

"Logistics Providers and Shippers are well-positioned to play a critical role in sustainability and Cloverly is excited to partner with Explorate to bring climate action to their network." - Cloverly

Meet Cloverly, our dynamic sustainability partner on a mission to empower businesses to rapidly scale climate action.

Through their curated selection of globally recognized carbon removal projects, endorsed by in-house climate experts, businesses can confidently amplify their impact. Cloverly's solutions provide the trust, accessibility, and simplicity essential for scaling sustainability efforts with unwavering confidence.

From financial services, carbon accounting, e-commerce and more, their technology provides a seamless way for anyone to take climate action.

How it Works

Working with the world's best allows us to deliver the world's best. 

Cloverly enables Explorate to provide one of the most credible and convenient Carbon Offset Programs in the logistics market. 

Through our partnership with Cloverly, Explorate customers can:

🎯 Take on sustainability targets with confidence.

🔍 Get full visibility on emissions by shipment.

🌱 Offset their carbon in one click.

Carbon Offset Programs alleviate the environmental impact of a business' logistics operations. They’re by no means a complete solution, however by investing in projects that balance out your unavoidable carbon footprint, you can address your environmental impact; while actively supporting initiatives that counterbalance emissions, resulting in a more sustainable and responsible supply chain.

Cloverly delivers carbon offsets with distinction. These offsets are certified by four standard bodies, align with nine UN Sustainable Development Goals, and are predominantly sourced from Australia, reflecting Explorate’s roots.

Don't just take our word for it. We love to hear from Australian brands we've partnered with who have accomplished their sustainability goals through our platform.

Navigating Together Toward a Greener Future

In the grand scheme of progress, our partnership with Cloverly is merely the beginning.  Together, we'll continue to innovate and devise practical solutions that make it easy for organisations to embed emissions measurement and management into their daily workflow. Sustainability as BAU, means smooth sailing in the long term.

Consumer behaviour has evolved - they're no longer virtue signalling, they're taking real action and expect the brands and products they support to do the same. 

So if you’re serious about sustainability,  get in touch with our team today to take the first step on your journey to net zero.


How does Cloverly ensure their offsets are credible and high-impact?

For a carbon credit project to be added to Cloverly’s Project Portfolio, it needs to clear high standards set by the assessment methodology defined by their inhouse Sustainability and Climate investment team.

To ensure the highest impact, Cloverly are continually focused on high quality projects with excellent 3rd parties ratings and independent quality assessments (i.e. BeZero, Calyx and Sylvera).

What types of emissions are typically calculated using this feature? How are they Calculated?

Our calculations factor in ship type, engine specifications, idle duration, distance covered, and fuel consumption. This meticulous approach ensures accurate emissions accounting, preventing overcharging and delivering dependable insights into your shipping emissions.

Can the feature help me set emission reduction targets and track progress?

Our Analytics feature is designed to assist you in setting emission reduction targets and monitoring your progress. Our platform tracks your carbon offsets and their evolution over time, enabling you to establish targets, allocate resources for emission offsets, and effectively work towards your sustainability objectives, including managing freight emissions and offsetting shipping carbon emissions.

How is carbon offsetting achieved? Is it reliable?

Carbon offsetting is accomplished through our established partnership with Cloverly, a credible and thoroughly audited sustainability entity. Your financial support is directed towards proven sustainability projects, ensuring a reliable and impactful approach to address the footprint of your shipping emissions. When viewing your shipments, offsetting your carbon is as easy as clicking the offset button which will add the offset cost to your charges.

How can our business share our Sustainability efforts with our customers and stakeholders?

You can solidify your brand's commitment to sustainability by sharing Cloverly-generated certificates of proof with your customers and stakeholders. These certificates serve as tangible evidence of your efforts to address freight emissions and shipping carbon emissions, enhancing your environmental activism.


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