Explorate's $7.5 Million Capital Raise


We're starting off 2022 with a bang, having secured $7.5 million in funding led by Equity Venture Partners to expand our Australian operations. As this new chapter for Explorate unfolds, we're pushing for scale and enhanced experiences for our users. So, what can you look forward to in the upcoming year?

Bigger Team, Better Product

With four more offices opening in Q1 2022 and recruitment efforts in full swing, we're enthusiastically welcoming the next generation of Explorators. A growing team will bring forward new perspectives and ideas in how to build the best company and platform possible.

Enhanced User Experience

Our product is at the core of our success. We're eager to continue strengthening our core service offerings with innovative technology, facilities and systems that give your business a competitive advantage. With a focus on automation, data analytics, and improved user interfaces, we're always on the lookout for innovative ways to evolve the Explorate app.

Carbon Neutral Supply Chains

Sustainability is no longer just an option for Explorate or our customers. We're making it our responsibility to pioneer the next generation of carbon neutral supply chains.

2022 is set to be Explorate's biggest year yet and we couldn't be more ready to get started.

Read the full announcement below AFR article here:


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