Optimise your Supply Chain: Meet Brad, Head of Customer Success


"There's nothing we can't do, there's no solution we can't find" - even before the cameras started rolling, Brad dropped this nugget, showing us why he's the best man to lead our Customer Success team.

With 9 years of experience, he knows the industry inside and out. He's worked in Transport, Customs, Import/Export Operations, Business Development, Sales and Agent Networking.

He's the type of guy you really want by your side when you're trying to move cargo in the volatile and choppy waters of freight forwarding. He won't stop until he finds a solution, and he won't give up until he delivers what he thrives on: our customers' success.

Here's what Brad had to say about his role as Explorate's Customer Success Manager.

What is the Role of the Customer Success Team?

As a business, we want to really help you optimise your supply chains. We want to be the ones that help you find those new growth opportunities, potentially those new trade lanes, and also take those legacy tasks off your plate, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

How does your team help customers succeed?

A big part of what we do is assist our customers in making business decisions. Giving them data, giving them options. All these things are so important with, like I said, helping businesses make those key decisions within their supply chain.

What are the challenges your team has to overcome?

Navigating the waters when we were in the full effects of COVID. As logistics companies, we had to really adapt to a changing market. Everything moved away from being price-based to and solution based, so instead of just giving someone the cheapest option to get their cargo here, we had to give them a solution that was as airtight as possible.

A lot of businesses were struggling to bring in cargo. They didn't have any stock on the shelves, therefore, they weren't generating revenue, and they weren't generating profit. That became a big challenge for us, and one we really overcame well.

What's your advice on managing supply chains?

The best advice I could give a customer is to consider the long-term and the short-term effect and what the repercussions of both of those things are. Changing the lens on how they make decisions. 

I would also say try to make things based on the solution, not just a transaction. A Band-Aid fix right now could affect you in 12 months. Thinking ahead and being able to plan ahead is really key. 

What's your favourite feature in the Explorate App?

The shareable shipments. It's a really cool thing for us to be able to give our customers a tool for their own customers. 

Transparency is key, visibility is key. We give our customers access to that, and stop ten emails going back and forth of "Where's the cargo?, where's the cargo?". We can do that with a link that is basically live, that they can click as many times as they want. There's no real hiding behind anything.

What would your theme song be and why?

There's one song I would choose to play when I walk into the office. It's become a bit of an Explorate cult classic: 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglia. I think Nat's an Australian gem, an icon, and that's what Explorate is too!

A better freight forwarding experience is possible! Find out how Brad and his team can make it happen and find the solutions you need in your supply chain:


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