Our 2022 Roadmap


There's been plenty of action at Explorate HQ to start 2022, with a$7.5 million capital raise and a new Adelaide office. We've also restructured our team to better support your needs:

Meet our Supply Chain Team

The supply chain team is focused on identifying and delivering extra value for our clients by improving operational efficiencies and customer experience. They'll be working closely with you to identify opportunities for your business growth and improvements in platform development or ERP integrations with your supply chain software.

Meet our Data Team

We know how valuable data is, that's why we've built a dedicated team to harness the power of our information. Our new data team will be focusing on using data to aid our delivery of green, fast and cheap options for transit routes and carriers. They'll also monitor the efficacy of our platform to direct us in the continual improvement of Explorate.

Our 2022 Roadmap

We know what you're thinking - surely they've peaked already. Just you wait, we have plenty more in store this year. We've set ourselves some impressive targets for developing our product in 2022 and already have some noteworthy features in development and ready for production.

In-app Customs Clearance

We're a global freight forwarding company offering sea and air freight along with Customs clearance, we manage it all.

Hands-Off Track and Trace

We're receiving more data from more carriers so we can provide you more insight on the movement of your cargo.

Automated Document Handling

We're making sure our Operators have more time to work with you on your shipments by auto processing documents to expedite shipment updates and increase our data accuracy.

ERP Offerings

The Order Management feature was designed by Explorate within the shipment details section in the Explorate application to enable streamlined inventory receivals to warehouse locations.

Customisable Reporting

We've collated your shipment data and given you access to analyse this however you choose, be that weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Compare your year-on-year freight spend, delivery delays and suppliers' targets.

Credit Card Payments

We're excited to accept credit card payments for your shipments as we aim to create flexible and secure payment terminals with no surprises or hidden costs.


Financial Services

We're also working on bringing our financial services in app.


Your cargo is valuable. That's why we're developing protection against potential losses caused to the shipment during transit with in-app insurance.

Trade Finance

As an industry that relies on international trade, we're developing in-house financial products to make trade transactions easier.


Foreign exchange is crucial for importers and exporters shipping products overseas. That's why we're developing our financial services to support FX capabilities.

Is there a feature we could add to our platform to make your life easier?

Let us know!


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