Ways a Freight Forwarder gives you a competitive advantage.


Global trade is the backbone of many economies around the world and accounts for around US$ 16.0 trillion. Seaborne trade accounts are estimated to be 80% of the global trade and as per UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), 10,702 cargoes were shipped globally.

Imagine if the shippers of the world had to do all activities relating to shipping such as arranging trade and finance documentation, negotiating freight contracts, monitoring the movement of the cargo, transportation, customs clearances, port inspections and all other activities by themselves. That's time consuming right? This is where a Freight Forwarder comes in.

Partnering with a freight forwarder that you trust, has experience in providing high quality service and competitive rates gives you a competitive advantage both strategically and operationally. Explorate has the confidence to give you that advantage.

Our partnerships allow you to have access to global intelligence on freight operations including trade trends among countries, future carrier capacities, new ports in development, carriers performance and freight rate trends. Having access to this information can assist you in deciding your own strategic direction and plan your international and domestic operations.

Explorate is up to date with industry movements which at times can cause risk to our operations caused by various global events, ranging from political to natural. We will work with you to provide flexibility and alternative solutions to overcome these challenges.

We are your single point of contact, we take accountability and responsibility for your freight operations, managing delivery timeframes and keeping you up to date throughout the shipment process.

Still need more reasoning as to how Explorate gives you a competitive edge?

  • Experienced in all modes of transportation - road, rail, air and sea.
  • Have the capability to negotiate freight rates with the shipping line.
  • Able to provide cost effective and efficient cargo shipping solutions based on the customer's requirement.
  • Process all relevant shipping documents such as certificates of origin, customs and port documentation,bills of lading and associated shipping/negotiating documentation.
  • Have thorough knowledge of over/cross border cargo movement.
  • Able to arrange storage for the cargo.
  • Able to arrange the distribution or 'forwarding' of the cargo.
  • Arrange transportation of the cargo from/to the customers' premises and port.


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