Why freight forwarders are going digital, and you should too

Freight forwarders have no time to waste: they need to future-proof their supply chains. The key question is how? By going digital

The Case for Digitalisation

The landscape of freight forwarding and logistics has changed forever. We need to consolidate what we've learned over the past few years if we want to be better prepared for future disruptions. 

The freight forwarders who will remain competitive are those with a clear focus on digitalisation, because a digital supply chain unlocks:

A More Resilient Supply Chain 

In the current freight forwarding scenario, resilient supply chains are able to manage disruptions and adapt. That's the reason why digitalising a supply chain is directly linked to increasing its resilience: digital supply chains are more transparent, they allow you to work in a more agile way and to react faster when disruptions happen.

Digital freight forwarders like Explorate are pioneers in the sector and are using cutting-edge technology to build resilient supply chains for its customers.

End-to-end Visibility and Transparency 

Full freight visibility makes a supply chain stronger and more capable of mitigating disruptions. 

When you use a digital platform like Explorate's, you have easy access to key data about your freight movements and end-to-end supply chain visibility, not just limited to the international leg.

The organisational visibility also improves, as you securely consolidate all the shipping-related documents. Exporting information and generating reports becomes faster and easier with a centralised Company Management Page.

Smarter Decisions 

A digital platform enables better informed decisions related to key aspects of the business, like inventory management and shipping lines. 

Data-driven technology gives you access to freight analytics, so you can monitor and understand what�s happening at any point of the supply chain and make timely decisions.

Improved Customer and Employee Retention 

Climate change action is at the forefront of people's minds, as it was proven by the last Australian Federal Election. Sustainable practices are appealing to customers, employees and investors, and the spotlight is on businesses, as well as the Government, to commit to making real progress.

Having a digital supply chain enables access to real-time carbon emissions for freight and logistics operations. Explorate customers use a practical in-app carbon emissions calculator to easily calculate their carbon emissions. This data is key to better understand the environmental impact of your business and achieve your environmental goals. 

You can also build a solid sustainability strategy by using effective tools like our Carbon Offset Program, which is fully incorporated in the Explorate platform. This is a powerful and simple way to mitigate the carbon footprint of your logistics operations and manage your carbon offsets. 

How to Get Started 

The resources and skills needed to digitise a supply chain prevent companies from innovating. Yet it is critical step in future-proofing their business and remaining competitive, so what's a realistic and effective approach to get started? 

Partnering with a digital freight forwarder like Explorate is the way to go. We're logistics experts ourselves and have created a cutting-edge digital platform, so you don't need to develop anything in-house. 

But our platform is a lot more than just technological features. We know that in the world of international logistics and freight forwarding, there's never a one-size fits all solution. That's why our platform fosters the right balance between tech and people, creating a new standard for the logistics industry. 

Get in touch for a free demonstration and make the leap to a more resilient supply chain today. You can also learn more about our carbon offset program and our carbon emissions calculator.  

This article is Part 3 of 3 of the key takeaways of Shopify report The Future of Shipping and Logistics2 - find here Part 1 & Part 2.


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