Every vessel.
One screen.


More options.
More confidence.

To make the best decision for your cargo, you’ll need easy access to the different sailing options available at the time.

There is no longer any reason for being in the dark about your shipping options and choosing what's best for you. Plan your ocean freight with full carrier visibility.


Full ocean freight carrier visibility.

Know your options, plan ahead, and pick the optimal vessel for your cargo using a complete calendar of shipment schedules, ETDs, and ETAs.

Plan ahead.

Enhance planning with clarity on vessel departure and transit date ranges.

Optimise planning.

Optimise inventory forecasting by aligning with carrier ETD and ETA timelines.

Filtered Search.

Know and control your options with filters for the carrier, trade lanes, cargo, and ready date.

Reduce Lead Times.

Find sailing options with reduced lead times and meet deadlines consistently.


Testimonials that speak volumes.

From ASX brands to up-and-coming Australian businesses,
we give brands a competitive edge through their supply chain.

"You're always amazing, super quick, perfect pricing and amazing customer care."
Shanghai to Adelaide
Air Freight Importer
"Smooth delivery. Driver and delivery vehicle were excellent. Lets definitely use again. "
Shanghai to Melbourne
FCL Importer
"Great job from the beginning of our order being placed."
Hamburg to Sydney
LCL Importer
"Hayley and Aaron went above and beyond to ensure our freight was processed efficiently and seamlessly. Greatly appreciated."
Tianjin to Brisbane
FCL Importer
"Great communication. Nothing is too much trouble."
Nanjing to Melbourne
FCL Importer
"Professional, efficient and accommodating. Job well done!"
Valparaiso to Fremantle
FCL Importer
"Perfect from pickup to delivery, a great experience with all parties involved with this shipment!"
Shanghai to Sydney
FCL Importer
"It could not be done better. Thank you to all the team and to Explorate as a whole."
Ningbo - Melbourne
FCL Importer
"As smooth as always, we were notified every each step all along and freight has been delivered in good condition. thanks team."
Zurich to Adelaide
Air Freight Importer
"As always, the team at Explorate handled the paperwork, the wharf and customs release and delivery to our premises, all hassle free."
Ningbo to Melbourne
FCL Importer

De-stress your supply chain.

Logistics management is never a one size fits all.  That's why we offer multiple avenues for you to discover how Explorate can support your team.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I customise the Shipment Schedules feature?
Yes, you have complete autonomy to customise the Shipment Schedules feature as per your sea cargo requirements. This includes the ability to view schedules by carrier, arrival date, cargo-ready dates, and trade lanes for efficient shipment management.
How accurate and up-to-date are the schedules provided by this feature?
You can trust that the schedules offered by this feature are both accurate and up-to-date. We go the extra mile by gathering data from multiple shipping lines so you have the latest insights the moment you hit search.
Can I book shipments directly through the Shipment Schedules feature?
Booking shipments is seamlessly integrated into our shipment schedules feature. By working closely with your freight operator, you can request a quote from the available shipments in the sea cargo schedule to efficiently manage your shipments.
Can I compare shipping costs and transit times between different options?
Comparing shipping transit times is made easy with our shipment schedules timeline that provides a visual representation of various options available within your sea cargo schedule. Then, you can get in touch with your dedicated freight agent to compare costs available to you.

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