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Historically, shipping lines were notoriously protective of their data. But with the rise of digital tools, the barriers to transparency are being broken down. There is no longer any reason for being in the dark about your shipping options and choosing what's best for you.


More options.
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To make the best decision for your cargo, you’ll need easy access to the different sailing options available at the time.
See 90% of shipping schedules
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NSW State Manager, Sydney

“Shipping Schedules provides customers with clear visibility of the options available to meet their supply chain needs and to choose the right sailing option for their cargo every time.“

Frequently asked questions

Can I customise the Shipment Schedules feature?
Yes, you have complete autonomy to customise the Shipment Schedules feature as per your sea cargo requirements. This includes the ability to view schedules by carrier, arrival date, cargo-ready dates, and trade lanes for efficient shipment management.
How accurate and up-to-date are the schedules provided by this feature?
You can trust that the schedules offered by this feature are both accurate and up-to-date. We go the extra mile by gathering data from multiple shipping lines so you have the latest insights the moment you hit search.
Can I book shipments directly through the Shipment Schedules feature?
Booking shipments is seamlessly integrated into our shipment schedules feature. By working closely with your freight operator, you can request a quote from the available shipments in the sea cargo schedule to efficiently manage your shipments.
Can I compare shipping costs and transit times between different options?
Comparing shipping transit times is made easy with our shipment schedules timeline that provides a visual representation of various options available within your sea cargo schedule. Then, you can get in touch with your dedicated freight agent to compare costs available to you.

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